I got to sing with Sir Tom Jones!

This weekend I have had the pleasure of working for The Voice during their finals for the 2017 season. Whilst I’ve never done backing vocals in this capacity before, it felt like riding a bike!

I never imagined doing anything like this before. This was my first experience doing professional backing vocals, and it just so happened to be for a LEGEND live on national television! Sir Tom Jones did a duet with his contestants on The Voice, and I was chosen amongst the beautiful ladies beside me to accompany them with our vocals!

It’s crazy to think that once upon a time I never wanted to do any sort of backing vocals for anyone or for anything. I just want to sing and have the world singing my music. I never wanted to work behind anyone because it never really felt right to me before. But now that I’m a lot older and no longer so naive towards my talent, I realise now that I can use my talent to absolutely anything I want to do! And look, my very first professional backing vocals job was for Sir Tom Jones!

This year alone has proven to be something else; I swore to myself as well as some of the people close to me that I was done being a recording artist. I wasn’t going to stop making music because I still enjoyed doing that – but I was sure I was done with performing and the stress of trying to get my music recorded and mixed and radio ready with minimal finance. I was so depressed and so unhappy of how hard and how long it became chasing my dream. The amount of people who have let me down, the feelings and emotions I kept bottled up inside to the point it broke me down. I was done outting myself through thisntyoe of pain… But it seems as though God has other plans for me, and he’s showing me that giving up isn’t an option whatsoever. I hear him loud and clear because opportunities are being thrown at me when I least expect them to. I’m starting to realise now it’s about exploring every avenue to stretch my creativity and use my talent.

I’m so ready for more! Feeling extremely proud of myself as I write this blog post. Thanks for reading!

Peace and love to you all! xox


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